Welcome to Firefighter.org.uk | A leading firefighter site

Welcome to our new firefighter site, we spent a lot of time designing and creating the content for this site – so we hope you enjoy it.

This site is a free resource for all firefighters & people who want to become a firefighter. We have a number of article that you can learn from to help improve your chances of becoming a firefighter, along personalized tests & a selection of firefighter videos.

Firefighter.org.uk gives up to the minute news about all things firefighting (UK & International versions available). We are also very interested in interviewing firefighters, trainees, cadets & people who hope to be a firefighter. If you are interested in a quick interview email us on the contact page.

So whether you are thinking of joining the regular fire service, MOD fire service, airport fire service or even private fire services this site is for you.

We will be adding more and more firefighter / firefighting recourses to this website over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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